Trouble with KNX 1.x to 2.x migration. Heating read out not working

Hi All,

I am attempting the move from KNX 1.x to 2.3.0 and having some issues with the heating control. The current heating value is not shown, and I’m at a loss what to try next. When I go to the site map on my iphone or BasicUI I see the correct page, the dimmer works fine, but it just displays the text with no value for the temperature. I haven’t started yet with trying to get set point and valve position in. Any help to fix this would be great as I’m starting to get worried with it getting colder and the heating not working…

The items file from my 1.x set-up was:

Number Temperature_EG_WZ_Actual “Temperatur Ist [%.1f C]” (EG_Wohnzimmer) {knx="+<12/3/20"}
Number Temperature_EG_WZ_SP “Temperatur Soll [%.1f C]” (EG_Wohnzimmer) {knx="+<12/3/25"}
Number Valve_EG_WZ_Pos “Stellwert [%d %%]” (EG_Wohnzimmer) {knx="+<5.001:12/3/22"}

With my 2.3.0 set up I have:

Bridge knx:ip:bridge [
localSourceAddr=“1.1.242” ]
Thing device knx [
] {

Type dimmer: TreppenhausTreppenhausLichtStufenuntenDALI “Lower Steps” [ switch=“4/1/22+<4/1/28”, position=“4/1/24+<4/1/29”, increaseDecrease=“4/1/23” ]

Type number: TempWohnung “Temperature” [ knx="+<12/3/20" ]


Dimmer TreppenhausTreppenhausLichtStufenuntenDALI “Lower Steps [%d %%]” <light> (Treppenhaus, Beleuchtung) { channel=“knx:device:bridge:knx:TreppenhausTreppenhausLichtStufenuntenDALI” }
Number TempWohnung “Temperature [%.1f °C]” { channel=“knx:device:bridge:knx:TempWohnung” }
// END

sitemap knx label=“My House” {

//Main House
Frame label=“House” {
Group item=2OG icon=attic
Group item=1OG icon=firstfloor
Group item=EG icon=groundfloor
Group item=KG icon=cellar
Group item=Treppenhaus
Group item=garage icon=garage
Group item=garden icon=garden

// Functions
Frame label=“Functions” {
Group item=Heizung icon=temperature
Group item=BWM icon=motion

Frame label=“Test” {
Text item=TempWohnung


My system:

Release = Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie)

Kernel = Linux 4.9.35-v7+

Platform = Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

Uptime = 2 day(s). 5:19:36

CPU Usage = 23.5 % avg over 4 cpu(s) (4 core(s) x 1 socket(s))

OH Build 2.3.0-1
binding-knx - 2.3.0

KNX set-up:
Address Name Description Data Type Length Last Value
12/3/0 Zentral Zentrale Funktionen 0-20
12/3/20 Temperaturmesswert Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung temperature (°C) 2 bytes 0C 5F | 22.38 °C
12/3/21 Sperren Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung enable 1 bit
12/3/22 Status Stellwert Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung percentage (0…100%) 1 byte $00 | 0 %
12/3/23 Zwangsstellung Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung enable 1 bit
12/3/24 Sollwert Komfort Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung temperature (°C) 2 bytes 0C 1A | 21 °C
12/3/25 Aktueller Sollwert Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung temperature (°C) 2 bytes 0C 1A | 21 °C
12/3/26 Betriebsartvorwahl Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung HVAC mode 1 byte
12/3/27 HVAC Status Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung HVAC mode 1 byte $01 | Comfort
12/3/28 RHCC Status Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung RHCC status 2 bytes
12/3/29 Betriebsart Komfort Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung switch
12/3/30 Betriebsart Nacht Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung switch
12/3/31 Betriebsart Frostschutz Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung switch
12/3/32 Frostalarm Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung alarm 1 bit
12/3/33 Hitzealarm Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung alarm 1 bit
12/3/34 Sollwertverschiebung (1=+/0=-) Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung step 1 bit
12/3/35 Diagnosetext Wohnen Wohnen Fussbodenheizung Character String (ASCII) 14 bytes

a) add a space after dimmer and before :
b) use a shorter name for the thing (not sure if this will help)

I don’t think that you need the + here. Also, use the same quote marks "" (not “”)

use code fences and post some relevant log entries

you don’t have an alternative control method?

this is definitely wrong, it should be

Type number : TempWohnung "Temperature" [ ga="<12/3/20" ]

Udo, thanks a lot for taking a look at it. I couldn’t work out why it should be different from the knx 1.x version. Your solution worked and I can now see the current temperature. Now I have a bit more time to get set point and value going before anyone notices that it isn’t working!
Cheers, peter

inn OH1, you did the configuration of the binding through the item, in OH you have to do it through a thing, so it’s obvious that it is very different to OH1. Take a short look in the documentation

Good Morning Udo,
I was hoping I could bother you with another question. The issue is displaying a percent value read from a valve. In the Basic UI I only see 0% displayed, even though in the logs the correct value is being read.

2018-10-02 23:30:11.058 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Bad_Eltern_gH_Val changed from 0.44000000 to 0.08000000

My Item file entry is:
Number Bad_Eltern_gH_Val "Parents Bathroom Valve [%d %%]" <temperature> (gBad_Eltern, gH_Val, Heizung) { channel="knx:device:bridge:knx:Bad_Eltern_gH_Val" }

My Things file entry is:
Type number : Bad_Eltern_gH_Val "Parents Bathroom Valve" [ ga="5.001:<23/3/22" ]

And in Sitemap I have just put in a group to display all valves (But only have one at the moment):
Group item=gH_Val label="Valve flow" icon="heating"

I checked in KNX and 5.001 is correct. Any idea what could be wrong?

Many thanks,


Please try to use a dimmer item:

Dimmer Bad_Eltern_gH_Val "Parents Bathroom Valve [%d %%]" <temperature> (gBad_Eltern, gH_Val, Heizung) { channel="knx:device:bridge:knx:Bad_Eltern_gH_Val" }

And use a discrete Sitemap (i.e. write one line code per item, do not use Group Widgets at all).

Please consider not to use the same names for items and channels, as this will possibly cause confusion at some point.