Trouble with OpenHab2 Reading the State of a GE Switch

I have been playing with Home Automation for a little over a year now and specifically OpenHab2 for a few months. I am employed as a Network Engineer for 18 years and prior was a Systems Admin. I don’t claim to know a lot about Home Automation however my background lends itself to an understanding of computers and networking.

Recently I have decided to move all of my devices exclusively to my OpenHab server and stop using SmartThings and Wink. The very first device I added to my OH server is a GE Z-Wave Light Switch. I have 10 or so of these already running on ST and Wink but I needed to add a new one and this seemed the perfect time to start the process.

After successfully adding this switch and getting it working on OH I noticed when I manually changed the state of the rocker OH did not register the state change for a very long time. I researched a “fix” for this issue and through the use of Rules I am able to get that time frame down to between 10 and 50 sec. Not bad but should not be acceptable.

One of the replies I read from a moderator said something about the polling (He called it associations) from OH to these GE switches. After thinking about this for some time something didn’t make sense to me.

You see the replies stated that the switch did not support this however when I look at SmartThings or Wink I see the state change within seconds as you would expect. Taking in to consideration that these switches do in fact change the state with other Home Automation Hubs why do they not in OH. If anyone has any more information about this it would be greatly appreciated.