Trouble with Thing-Discovery not available

I am trying to update zmartmodbus addon binding to OH4. See forum
for my heating system. (quite essential for me and others)

(It was never finished by the author Peter Kristensen)

I now managed to get it somehow working for OH4, and uploaded a new .jar, but:
It cant use thing discovery :frowning:
(the binding doesnt show up in UI / things / + /
… as it did in OH3


  • the binding doesn’t show in UI / Addons / Bindings
  • The bundle shows as active in console
  • no errors in [DEBUG] log
  • I can add things, bridges manually with .things files
    (and the bridge communication works fine, and items channel gets updated/changed)
  • I can also add the thermostat-things (jablotron_tp150) manually through files.
    But some parameters (their individual “numbers”) are ‘Properties’ and cant be set by configuration parameters. Hence only through discovery

Any obvious place to look, to make the binding do discovery (as it did in OH3)?
(I am very beginner in java and maven, but the binding is essential to me)

(I did also make a .jar for OH3.4.5-java17, which works. So it is not java11vs17-related)

Likely related to the change in xml files. See:

It is the problem noted above. You might be able to manually get to the scan page by adding the binding name to the address line (ie /zmartmodbus). It worked for a while during the transition with zwave.

hilbrand: YES - that did the trick!

(I actually did rename file+path from binding/binding.xml to addon/addon.xml
… but forgot all tags etc. inside file)