Troubles adding ZWave Yale YRL220 Lever Lock

Hello all,

Haven’t been around in quite a while as my system has been working great since way back… but it’s simple - lights, heat, temp, door, motion sensors, a mixture of http, mqtt and zwave. System is 1.81 and the zwave binding is 1.90 as instructed by Chris a long time ago.

Problem is my zwave. One of my sons bought us a Yale YRL220 - Yale Real Living Touchscreen Lever Lock. When I tried to add it originally I received some odd errors, don’t remember what they were. it appeared my Gen5 stick was having an issue. I had been questioning it for a while because doors didn’t always report open/close correctly.

And I’ve been staring at the lock since Christmas and now have time thanks to a recent back surgery… hell of a way to get free time! Anyhow I have a new Gen5 stick and have done the following.

Physically removed all of the old xml files in \OpenHAB\etc\zwave.

Added the stick no problem on COM1 - it added as node 1.

Added my Aeon Range Extender - it added as node 3. It is physically between my office and the front door.

Added the YRL220 - it added as node 4. But it doesn’t create the xml file in \OpenHAB\etc\zwave. And then I looked in the product explorer in habmin and it doesn’t show a YRL but a YRD. And when I click that it says it can’t load the file, though maybe I could edit that file…

Any help how to get this added would be greatly appreciated.



Are you using the binding from this thread -:

The standard binding will not work with locks.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I shutdown OH. Replaced org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.9.0.jar with the file you attached org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and then restarted OH.

It looks like it starts ok, but I never see zwave load, and when I try to access with habmin it never shows online.

But I can turn lights on/off etc using the gui or my phone like normal.

Will the binding you sent load in v1.81?


Sorry - I missed the fact that you were running OH1 - no - the binding I referenced doesn’t work in OH1. I don’t really remember what versions of OH1 had security included - I think we did merge it in the end, but I’m not sure when.

Is there a reason you’re not using OH2? I would probably recommend this unless you really want to stick with OH1, but really support is now dwindling, and the number of devices in the OH1 database compared to OH2 will likely cause problems as well :frowning: .

Only reason I hadn’t made the change was back (long time back) when I first looked it seemed like it might be a bit daunting to switch. Had read rules etc needed to be rewritten - not sure if it was true but never looked again because it just works so well, testament to your great work, and I hadn’t needed to make any changes in so long.

My configuration is split in to 5 items files, 5 rules files, 21 script files, a single sitemap and 22 transform items.

Is it difficult to switch?

Well, that’s a relative question I guess :wink: .

In theory, your OH1 configs should continue to work. You’d need to create all the items etc for the bindings, but sitemaps and rules should probably work the same (assuming you keep the same item names).

It will take some work I’m sure, but you can always swap back and forward between the two, so if you have problems with OH2, then change back while you destress :wink: .

Thanks for everything! I’ll take a look at upgrading.