Troubles for binding further developing

Hello I want to devlop my binding further and resolve some issues. But if I start the demo app for debugging in the eclipse environment I don’t see the changed code I still see the old code and not the new one. So i am guessing it takes the code from the official repository how can i change it to take the local changed binding?

You need to change the following line in launch/app/pom.xml




Getting now this error:

18:43:20.067 [qtp913451234-55] WARN  o.e.s.c.t.internal.ThingRegistryImpl:261 - Cannot create thing. No binding found that supports creating a thing of type 'yioremote:yioRemoteDock'.


How should I answer when I don‘t know your code ?
What aadons codebase are you using?

I’ve seen this error when the binding id defined in your * file doesn’t match the thing definition in your thing.xml file.

But as @hmerk says, it’s really hard to say without seeing your code.

Correct that was the case @mhilbush

But solved now

Yesterday was the day of errors :frowning: