Trying to add AEON Z-Stick - Get error:Bridge and can't add z-wave devices

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage_Intel I7/32GB Ram/500GB SSD/10TB HD for data
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_Ubuntu 20.00
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    • openHAB version:3.0
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I am having difficulty adding my AEON Z-Stick (Older ver, not Gen5). I seem to have the correct Serial Port Set but I get an Error: Bridge. And I am unable to add any z-wave devices.

I have successfully added other things such as the Sonos binding and thng that don’t depend upon the Z-Stick. Any thoughts of things to try or do you have other info. I should provide you before answering? Thanks. Tim

What device have you set for the Thing?
What is the output of sudo dmesg | grep tty ? That should list the devices recognized by the OS kernel.