Trying to create a simple switch with a script for action


I create a simple switch, i can see it in the basicUI : great
but i can’t execute a script

i installed exec addon

Switch MyAlarmeButton “Me” { exec="<[/bin/bash /tmp/toto.shl]"}

sitemap default label=“MyHOUSE” {
Frame label=“First frame” icon=“icon” {
Text item=Item
Switch item=MyAlarmeButton label=“Alarme”
Frame label=“Second frame” {
Group item=OtherItem

my script :

[17:11:45] openhabian@openHABianPi:/opt/openhabian$ ls -l /tmp
-rwx------ 1 openhabian openhabian 26 Jul 18 16:55 toto.shl

[17:16:23] openhabian@openHABianPi:/opt/openhabian$ cat /tmp/toto.shl
echo date>/tmp/date.txt

Please Help me

First the easy stuff:

i installed exec binding 2.4
if i do : ```
sudo -u openhab

a password is requested

need help thx

Search the forum or Google for “sudoers” and you will find far more information than I have time to rule in her right now.