Trying to find the right zigbee bridge

I’m trying to create an OpenHab setup for lights, blinds, etc. For my first step I bought a Hue bulb. Then I found out I needed a bridge, so I bought a Hue Bridge. When I got it, I found out that it only had an ethernet connection. That doesn’t work for me- my network is wifi only and I don’t have physical access to the router (my building runs my wifi). Is there a device that’s similar but connects to wifi and will connect to a Hue bulb?

You could setup a raspberry which is connected to you wifi. Withe the raspi you could cerate a zigbee2mqtt gateway or a deconz gateway.

I just moved from zigbee2mqtt to deconz with a Conbee 2 USB stick

I can recommend deCONZ with either a ConBee or RaspBee. What I use is a separate RaspBerry Pi with a RaspBee shield and the Phoscon software, connected via the deconz binding.

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Any ZigBee interface that goes into your openHAB server will do.
Get a Conbee (USB) and use it with the deCONZ binding or get any of the sticks that the openHAB zigbee binding supports (tip: get one with an Ember chipset such as the Elelabs one).

If you go for the Conbee (or RaspBee), use openHABian, it has an option to install Phoscon on your openHAB server so there is no extra hardware needed.