Trying to get Visonic Powermax+ working


I hope someone can help. I have installed openHAB today, moving away from HouseBot that I have been developing plugins for the last 10+ years.

I have followed the tutorial and am able to get it setup using Paper UI. I have install and configured the powermax binding. But this is the point i’m getting lost, I don’t seem to have any ‘Things’ for the powermax binding or option to create them. I have also created item and sitemap files as shown here I’m stuck!

Sorry if this is a silly question, as i said, it’s new to me and i’m not sure what to do next.

Thanks, Allan

There is neither thing nor Paper UI setup as the binding you are running is a binding for OH 1.

PS: the 2.0 version of the binding is not yet published, still in development, even if the sources are available and I always use it since several months.

Just follow the instructions in the docs and create a cfg file in services/powermax.cfg, make your settings and you should have a working binding.
As already said, you don’t need to deal with “Things” and PaperUI configurations, because that only applies to native version 2 bindings.

In your items files you have to connect your items to the hardware channels, take a look at the examples.

Thanks for the help.

After finding the logs it looks like it was working without me realising. After a bit more reading, I created a new sitemap and copy and pasted the text from the sitemap.fragment on the powermax1 readme.

It looks like I have a lot the learn!!

Not sure if i’m doing this right so if wrong please forgive me.

I have installed openhab2 on a raspberry pi 3 and followed the multiple trails as laid down by others before me, to physically connect to a Powermax Complete.
I can see log entries within openHAB2.
And here is where I am stuck. I just can’t seem to get to the stage of controlling the Powermax panel. I just feel I am going around in circles.
I have taken the "examples’ and created the items and sitemaps configuration. But don’t know how to move to the control step.
Can you please please please help me?