Trying to get VS to link and edit Openhab


I spent the night fighting with VS 1.43.2 & Openhab extension 0.7.0 After several rounds of install delete re-install, edit json. I got it connected to my openhab 2 install on a pi. however when I click on anything it says no editor is active.

Can we please update the setup files or post something about how exactly to get this working??

Right now this isnt worth the headaches and would be quicker to go back to notepad++


Maybe you could start with telling us what “anything” means and what you would expect to happen after clicking on “anything”.

One small example:
When you try to add an item from the things explorer, you need an items file to be opened. If no file is opened the error message from above could appear because the extension doesn’t know where you want to place it.

But for sure there could be a different problem, which I can’t identify without further informations.

Also it would be nice to get some more information of things that did not work and forced you to reinstall something.
And what did you reinstall?
openHAB extension?
openHAB itself?

I would love to improve the documentation, but first we have to identify to culprits to improve them.

When we have a better overview of what went wrong we can check the corresponding doc parts and see how we can explain that better. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link with a video that may help.

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