Trying to install OpenHAB3 with OpenHAB2 configuration

I am currently trying to “upgrade” from OH2, running on PI3 to OH3 using a brand new PI4.
So I installed the image, all seems to be running, bindings did install, so far so good.
Now the question:
How to migrate the things, items,channels,sitemaps, scripts and so on easily over.
I already failed with taking the ZWave-Stick from the PI3 and plugged in to PI4.
The device is recognized, but it pretends to be “bridge offline”.
Any suggestions?

Some USB2 sticks need to be plugged in to a USB2 hub to use with the Pi 4 because they identify as USB3 devices and therefore fail. IIRC Aeotec released a newer stick that behaves properly.

The PI seems to have 2xUSB2 + 2xUSB3 and the stick is plugged into a USB2 port.

I got it to work by using some of the options in openhabian-config

Anyway, I am still looking for some information on how to get the config from the RPI3 (OpenHAB2) to RPI4 (OpenHAB3) without killing myself

Well, what I am trying right now is to get the OH2 on the PI3 updated to OH3.
After that I will try to backup the config of the PI3 and restore at the PI4.

Seems to be possible but not less problematic. The Bindings seem to be different and are not providing the same functionality (FRONIUS Binding has no METER thing type, and so on).
Mpst of the stuff (except for the ZWave-Binding) seems to not work properly.

It’s not necessary to upgrade your Pi3 from OH2 to OH3. More than a few people have run into trouble upgrading, so I’d save yourself the hassle. If you run the openhabian-config backup, you can import that directly into your fresh OH3 build on the Pi4.

Aside from breaking changes (such as triggeringItem and date/time) that are mentioned in the release notes, your existing text config files should copy over easily for the most part (I don’t know anything about the FRONIUS binding). I chose to selectively copy over my text files, and now I’m slowly removing my item text files as I replace the items in Main UI (mostly using the bulk import feature). However, I’m keeping all of my rules in text files for now.

If you have any securely included Z-Wave devices, you’ll also want to copy your security key from your OH2 ZWave Serial Controller thing, then paste it into the OH3 thing. That’ll enable OH3 to discover the the secure devices without any fuss. And if you want, you can copy your ZWave XML files and paste those as well, to help with the thing discovery in OH3.

Well, that part is (more or less) done now.
most of the stuff is working, for the FRONIUS meter, which is missing, I keep the old http-binding, which seens to do the job.
Unfortunately, the biggest issue now is the PiFace binding, which I am missing desperately.
Is there any chance to get that one back?
I need to control the garage door including the open/ajar/closed information and I do have a second RPi3 for that purpose in the garage.
Everything pretends to work on that Garage-PI, but not sure how I can test if that is really the case - without binding.

Quick search for “PiFace”, and this is the only recent mention.

An alternative would be to keep Garage-Pi on OH2 and use the new Remote openHAB Binding to interface with it from OH3.