Trying to install Spotify third party binding, cannot find jar file

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 0 Wireless
  • OS: Openhabian
  • openHAB version: 1.4
  • Issue of the topic: I am trying to get this binding installed however I am unable to find a jar file to add to my addons folder. Any assistance would be amazing, I have created the app within Spotify dev dash, so i just need to get this binding installed.

Alternatively, the jar can also be downloaded from here, however you should not use that method for installing the binding (see the reply from @hilbrand) I think that using the marketplace is the recommended method.

@spicerackk The link you posted is an old version. Please remove the link from your post as it will potential confuse people in the wrong direction. The binding is available in the Eclipse Marketplace as @marcel_erkel suggests. It requires openHAB 2.4. And the binding is also available in openHAB 2.5 snapshot.

Also the link to the pull request build should not be used as the version available depends randomly on what pull request has been build last. It can only be used for new bindings that have not yet been merged. If you really need the jar and can’t get it directly from Marketplace within PaperUI, go to the Eclipse Marketplace on the web. There is a link to the jar.


I updated my text because I thing I didn’t wrote it clear. For openHAB 2.4 the recommended method is to use the Eclipse Marketplace (from within PaperUI). Only if one really wants the jar directly go the the Eclipse IoT Marketplace on the web.

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