Trying to remove Zwave Light Switch Paddle (Node) From Openhab and Free up to use on another Controller


I am running openhab2 version 2.5 on ubuntu 18.04.3. I realize it might be a little old but I installed this about a year ago and got things working and just left it alone.

I am primarily using a Aeotec z-stick Gen5 usb controller hub with Honeywell zwave plus paddle switches (39348). Everything is working fine for some time but I recently installed a Ring Alarm and
I wanted to add the switches to the Alarm.

What I am trying to do is remove these paddle switches from the OpenHab2 zwave controller and then add them to the Ring Alarm controller. However, I can’t remove from the usb controller on OpenHab2.

I am basically trying to do via the following:

  • Edit the config for the node in the configuration=> things => actions
    • Set device as Failed and save then wait a minute and then Remove device from controller and save
  • I then delete it from the Configuration => Things
  • I then try to discover it on the Ring Alarm side but never get anything.
  • I have tried the reset on the switch paddle by clicking the paddle up three times and then down three times but never have any success.

Has anyone had any success first by removing a Node to add to another controller and then adding it to Ring?


you just need to exclude it from the network. You can either do this from the Aeotec stick using the button, or simply through the binding. In the controller, there is an option to enter exclude mode - enable this, then there is probably some button you need to press on the device. Read the manual for the device - it should tell you how to exclude it from the network.