Trying to set a heat setpoint pulls up the analyze page

I’ve used Openhab for several years now, but am new to OH3. I’m trying to manually set the heating setpoint on a thermostat, but when I do that, I am getting the analyze chart page instead.

my item:

Number  TstatConcourse_setpointheat "Concourse Heat Set"   <thermostat> (gHSet,gBLH,gDLH)            {channel="zwave:device:e8358de4:node3:thermostat_setpoint_heating", autoupdate="true"}

Reposting this because of the failed software update.

I am still trying to figure this out. I removed my items file and am trying to configure through the GUI. Here is what the item looks like:

Okay, I figured it out. You must set the default control widget to something appropriate.