Trying to switch to Zwave SNAPSHOT binding 2.50

Sorry for bringing up this old chestnut but i am following previous examples without any success.

Here’s what i’ve done;
1). Uninstalled Zwave binding from PaperUI
2). Downloaded the 2.5.0 snapshot from here
3). Copied it to /usr/share/openhab2/addons
4). Restarted with sudo systemctl restart openhab2

If i then run the following from the Karaf console, bundle:list |grep ZWave, it comes back blank

Should point out i’m running OpenHab 2.4 on a Raspberry Pi3.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated

This is at least difficult. zwave has some dependencies which are not installed if the bundle is just dropped into the addons folder. If you don’t run any of the bindings known to cause issues I would suggest to upgrade the installation to 2.5 snapshot if you want to run the zwave snapshot version and install the feature.

A lot has changed since OH2.4 (and OH2.5-MS1) have been released.

My experience is that installing a recent Z-Wave snapshot on top of OH2.4.0 or 0H2.5.0-MS1 won’t run in a stable manner.

Right now there’s another issue relating to the network heal functionality, which may be a good reason to wait before installing a recent Z-Wave snapshot anyway. I happen to be lucky as the snapshot I installed (2.5.0-SNAPSHOT (#1601)) seems to be unaffected by this network heal problem. Unfortunately, not all snapshots can be installed as they’re not preserved forever.

May I recommend you add Z-Wave as tag to your thread?

If you don’t want to run the script, the manual steps are also in the readme…