Trying to test a new device for zwave database: can't get the device to be recognized by binding

I have a device which is not in the current OH distribution. I found a partial entry for it in the device database which had some error messages:

I edited the entry (to the best of my knowledge…) to remove the database error messages and exported the xml to test if it needs further editing.

I included the xml in the 3.10 snapshot binding with the other things from that manufacturer (path \OH-INF\thing\thermofloor\ in the jar) but the device still is not recognized by the binding in spite of diverse restarts and re-installations.

I have no clue what I’m doing wrong, so if anyone could look over it and help out I’d greatly appreciate it.

OpenHAB node discovery:
network_ef2d1fbc__node_51.xml (10.7 KB)

Database xml:
z smoke_0_0.xml (4.4 KB)

The device shows up in OpenHAB as Z-Wave Node 051 (019B:0003:000D:4.1).

Anyone? Please!