TuneIn Radio on Amazon Echo not playing for me

Hi All,
It seems TuneIn pulled out of providing free radio through the built in Amazon Echo skill and instead launched a USA only premium service with sports included.

This has left a gap in our house to listen to the radio through the Echos.
I am wondering if the AmazonEchoControl binding as it uses the web interface is still able to play TuneIn radio stations> Does anyone know? I would ask in one of the many support long threads but TBH I have lost track of which one is the current support track for the stable release.

Is there an easy boilerplate to use to test a single station so I can make sure my favourite is working before I build around it?


I spoke to my mother who lives in the UK this morning and found out from her that TuneIn is still working in the UK through amazon Echo devices. So it is quite possible my previous post raised some eyebrows and received mutters along the lines of ‘what is he going on about’.

With that in mind and the fact it appears to be localised in some way, I will continue down the track of trying to bypass the issue using AmazonEchoControl binding, if there are other NZ/Au people that have TuneIn actually working on their Alexa enabled devices please let me know.


I am trying to raise the issue with Amazon support again as so far they response has been incorrect. They said TuneIn is no longer available.

I have realised through extensive testing that older echo device such as the Echo and the Dot gen 2 are working fine for me but the Echo Show 5 and the Dot gen 3 are not.

These newer devices will only play tunein stations that have a 5 digit station ID. Many of the one locally have 6 digits so are not playable.
Using the AmazonEchoControl binding does not change the behaviour.

I will leave this unsolved for now as I do not have it working on the new devices. I did try factory resetting them during my testing and it made no difference.



I’m in the London region, UK, and cannot play stations from Tunein. They stopped about a week ago.
Not happy!