Tutorial Configuração Nspanel

Aqui vou postar todo o meu progresso com o nspanel flexado com o tasmota, como nao tenho muito tempo vou adicionando com calma.

No meu nspanel consegui criar um tft totalmente feito por mim, consigo enviar e receber informações, e é 100% vinculado com a Openhab via mqtt.

(English version below)

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Olá @nathanduarte76

Please detail the steps you took to implement a custom tft and the interaction between Sonoff’s NSPanel and OpenHab.
I have been looking at this panel for a while and I’m very curious about what you have made.


Thanks for the warning, I didn’t read the community rules, I was so excited with the discovery that I skipped everything just to share lol. you can leave it to me, I’ll leave everything explained and translated :).

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unfortunately I don’t have much time to write here but the implementation is great, I can change the visual status of nspanel via openhab, send commands from nspanel to openhab and control my lights, basically I can control all my automation through nspanel. It’s amazing what I did and I want to share…

Not sure what you are saying, you want to share but don’t have time to type?? :confused:
I’m curious about what you did but if you don’t share it then it’s not of much use for any of us :confused:

There are so many steps that it will take a while to explain everything, take pictures and make some gifs to demonstrate… please be patient

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: