Tutorial network binding - entering Control page show wrong state

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Java Runtime Environment: Oracle java version “1.8.0_241”
    • openHAB version: 2.5.10

Hi. I read once about openHAB. I tried it even with ZWave device - it worked. It was about 1 year ago.
Now my home is getting to be built soon and I want to use it in ‘production’ :slight_smile:

I followed once again with installation and “New User Tutorial”. I checked IP of my 2 android phones, I added 2 Things (one added manually, another one with discovery). I connected them with 2 items for online channel and finally I got them in Control in Paper UI. So to this stage everything is clear.

Now the problem: I noticed, that when I leave Control page and then go back again, my phone’s states are not shown correctly. If I start to Connect/Disconnect WiFi and I am on Control page then I can ssee it’s being updated. But if I leave and switch e.g. to Configration/Things, then change WiFi connection on the phone and get back to Control - it is not up to date.
I changed to update inverval to 2000 ms.

It’s quite disappointing when I see that problem ,especially that I really like general concept of OpenHAB. If my device was available and if I saw status ‘not avaialble’ then I could think of "openhab cannot somehow find my device and that could be understanable’.
But I open control and I see my device is online(and it is not changing to offline) while wifi in my phone is off - then this sounds very badly.

So… does anyone have similar troubles? Maybe I have to run openhab as root? I also changed ‘arping’ to ‘arp’ - I downoloaded archive of OpenHAB and started on Windows.

I would be very greatfull for getting some answers.

It’s not at all clear what you are doing here. Are you looking at the Thing’s status or the Item’s state?

It’s important to note that the Thing status only indicates that the binding is working correctly. So even if your phone is not connected to the network, as long as the Network binding is operating it will show the Thing as ONLINE.

To see whether the phone itself is online or not you need to look at the Item that is linked to the Online status channel.

Why did you change arping to arp? They are but the same command and they do not do the same things.

Hi. Thanks for the answer.
I am pretty sure it is a bug.

Thing is ONLINE all the time for NetworkBinding - that was and is clear.
I am talking about Items.
I have Thing(my mobile) and Switch Item connected to Online Channel and I am talking about Control view. I belive configuration is ok because:

  1. When I am in Control view and I connecting/disconnecting my mobile from wifi, then state is changed in Control view as well. Check interval is set to 2 seconds and indeed it’s quite fast.

Now the problem I can reproduce very often. It happend more times than it did not:

  1. Enter Control view and make sure state of item is correct - let’s say it is switched on and I am connected to WiFi.
  2. Go to other view - I click Inbox.
  3. Disocnnect my mobile from WiFi. Wait 5 seconds (assuming there is 2 secodns interval for checking thing)
  4. Click Control View again.
  5. Now state of my Items is very ofen incorrect. It show previous state. Important things is: if I do refresh whole page it show correct state. Clicking ‘refresh’ button at top right doesn’t help.

I noticed also in javascript console event there is event about changing my mobiles state - it seems this single page application ignores that event in this case.

Ah, so this is about what you see in PaperUI?

Note that PaperUI is mainly for administering openHAB, not for everyday control or monitoring. Most people use Sitemaps and/or HABPanel for everyday control and monitoring.

PaperUI is disappearing in the next version of OpenHAB (version 3), so even if this is a bug, it may not get fixed…

Yes it is PaperUI. Well I am new and PaperUI is introduced at the beginning so it was quite confusing. I created sitemap in BasicUI as well but there is navigation to check if the problem occurs there.

Is it good idea for new user to go with version 3? When will it be released?

There will be bugs and there isn’t a lot of documentation yet. If that doesn’t scare you off than I would recommend starting with OH 3.

I believe December is when they are sitting for the release. .