Tutorial - rtl_433 brings 433MHz sensors to openHAB

Found this post about antenna´s Might be usefull if having problems.

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This one also:

Any good tutorial how to install rtl_433 ? I find it very unclear :frowning:

Have you seen this?

I think I have read almost everything about this rtl stuff, which may have been a mistake, cause I find it highly confusing… When reading about the installation, they mention a Make. Thats where I´m lost… I´m no good at Linux at all which probably is the cause of my confusions… :frowning:
Btw I´m running openhabian on a Rpi with openhab 2.5m2.

I see - no worries :wink:
There are two options:

Option 1: Install it from your Linux distribution’s repository

You can try to install from your Linux repository, e.g. for Debian:

apt-get install rtl-433

If this installs a reasonable recent version of rtl_433 - fine. If not, you need to let your Linux compile a fresh rtl_433.

This is not as complicated as it may sound at first :wink:

Option 2: Compile it yourself

Just follow the instructions from the BUILDING.md (exactly!) for you style of Linux - e.g. assuming Debian-like since you mentioned openHABian:

# first install some required libraries and software packages:
sudo apt-get install libtool libusb-1.0-0-dev librtlsdr-dev rtl-sdr build-essential autoconf cmake pkg-config

# if not yet installed, install git too (btw.: not mentioned in the BUILDING.md)
sudo apt-get install git

# go to your home directory:
cd ~

# make a copy (clone) of the current source code:
git clone https://github.com/merbanan/rtl_433.git

cd rtl_433/
mkdir build
cd build

# run cmake from inside the build directory (don't omit the ".."!)
cmake ..

# make it (compiles and linkes the rtl_433 binary)

# finally install the just compiled rtl_433:
make install

# test it (let it print out it command line parameters):
rtl_433 -h

Good luck.

Thank you very much!!.. I guess I simply missed the first option… Thats as far as I know Linux :slight_smile:

I´ll give it a try one during the upcoming days. I have had this Nooelect dongle laying here on my desk for a few weeks now… It´s time to give it a go. Hopefully this will find my doorbell button, cause the SonofRF bridge doesnt.

I have yet to try my RTL (simply havn´t had enough time). Though the guide seems pretty straight forward , I probably gona need some help anyway, specially around the MQTT stuff. I do have a broker running, but I´m no where near understanding why :slight_smile:
I´ll get rtl_433 running first though and see if I can make it to receive something from my dumb Friedland doorbell.

is this available as a docker installation?

You might consider checking your favorite search provider, e.g.:


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Finnaly got some time to have a look at this. But I simply cant figure how to tell rtl_433 which USB device to use… It seems like an option not really explained.
I get this error, but have no idea what to do with it.:

[19:41:11] openhabian@openHABianPi:~/rtl_433/build$ rtl_433
rtl_433 version 19.08-204-g9fe4f11 branch master at 202002081459 inputs file rtl_tcp RTL-SDR
Use -h for usage help and see https://triq.org/ for documentation.
Trying conf file at "rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/home/openhabian/.config/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/usr/local/etc/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "/etc/rtl_433/rtl_433.conf"...
Registered 121 out of 148 device decoding protocols [ 1-4 8 11-12 15-17 19-21 23 25-26 29-36 38-60 63 67-71 73-100 102-105 108-116 119 121 124-128 130-148 ]
usb_open error -3
Please fix the device permissions, e.g. by installing the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules
[11:48:58] openhabian@openHABianPi:~/rtl_433/build$

It looks like it´s looking for a conf (config I assume). But I cant find any info on how this looks like.
The last sentense say I should install the udev rules file rtl-sdr.rules. But again I fail to see how this is suppose to be done… I do have some udev rules for my other USB devices. But this is only the half truth in it, cause I still need to execute rtl_433 with some info about this device…

In short - In the general doc (readme) there is simply missing some info for people not already knowing. :frowning: