Tutorials do not clarify where "conf" is located

I am following the tutorials until I get to the “just go to the conf folder” and that is where they fall down. there is no conf folder anywhere under all the locations that the other documentation talks about /etc/openhab2 has no conf folder. and the /opt/openhab as well.

Does anyone have up to date information where the conf folder has been moved to?

Please file an issue telling where you find these unclear instructions. There might be an issue open for it already but pointing out where the individual cases exist really helps.

The table explaining what files are where is here:


In short, for an apt-get installation, /etc/openhab2 IS the conf folder. For manual installations, the folder is /whereeverOHisinstalled/conf.

@rlkoshak is completely right, there is already an issue for this problem. The problem is that the actual location of your configuration folder differs from system to system (you could call it the downside of a platform independent software). On a normal Linux installation the configuration is not actually called “conf” because Linux provides a place for configuration files (/etc), hence the conf location /etc/openhab2.

The solution we opted for is to talk about $OPENHAB_CONF instead of “conf” as a pseudo placeholder. Please point us to the places you encountered “conf” and we will replace it. You may also do that yourself! After all you are part of the community and every help is highly appreciated. We will do the exact same thing you would.