Tuya Binding issue

Hi All

I’m trying to integrate some Smart LED bulbs into openHAB. I’m using the binding developed by
FHannes here from the original work by wvissers here.

Hannes has brought the binding up to 3.1.1 and I have been using his jar with my openHAB 3.3.0 install.

I can bring the bulb in as a Thing which shows “Online” and displays the correct Thing Properties and presents the correct Channels. I can also create Items with appropriate links but I have been unable to get any of the controls to actually control the bulb.

Tuya Device IDs and Encryption keys are all correct and the bulb is controllable from the Tuya app on my phone - although I switch this off when attempting control from openHAB as I have read there can be issues if openHAB and the Tuya app are both linked to the bulb

I have a few of questions

  • Does anyone have any experience with Hannes Tuya binding?

  • Will a 3.1.1 binding work with 3.3.0?

  • Where should I look to find logging hints as to what might be happening as I attempt to control the bulb?

Many thanks in advance for your help
Ian Carson

Replying to my own question just to say the old adage of RTFM really applies here.

Apologies for newbie question it looks like Tuya things are best controlled with the Tuya-MQTT solution from @Fiftiz and @tsightler.

My tuya-cli installation is successfully sending commands to my v3.3 bulbs so the tuya-mqtt solution should work for me.

I used the tuya app in combination with a free subscribe to their iot environment to get the ids and encryption keys for my devices.

Hi, I am recently trying to use the Tuya Binding and have the same problem as you. I am testing a wifi socket with a Gateway from Rain Point to control irrigation devices. For now, only trying to use the socket, only on / off, but the binding doesn’t work correctly.

The Thing is online and I receive some information on log with DEBUG and a lot more with TRACE. It seems capable to decode most information from de Tuya, but also can’t decode other messages, tell comunication lost before finish. I am not sure of that, and also I am not sure where to ask as this binding is not official.

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.


Try the SmartHomeJ Tuya binding.

You need to first add SmartHomeJ as a JSON 3rd Party Addon Service in your Main UI settings. Then it’ll show up as a separate repository in your bindings, and you can add the Tuya binding. Follow the instructions in the first link to set up a Tuya developer account so that you can access your device.

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I have done all of this, of course. I have the Thing online and receive communication from the devices. Discovery works and it detect the Wifi socket and the irrigation controler, as I can see on OH. I only have added the switch item for the wifi socket to test first if it works.

But there are something wrong on the received packets, because seem that some of them received broken and can’t be decrypted.

I would know if here somebody can help me here or on other place watching the TRACE of the Tuya binding.


The original post in this thread was about an FHannes binding, not the SmarthomeJ binding that I referenced. So I assumed you were using the FHannes version.

If you’re using the SmarthomeJ binding, post an issue on Github.

Yes, sorry, I know, but I think that could be a good start point to ask. First of posting an issue, I prefer to ask in OpenHAB forum to see if someone have same issue and someone have resolved it.

You have to be more precise asking questions.
As you posted in a topic regarding a not supported binding, we assumed you are using this version. Therefor @rpwong advised to try the Smarthome/J version.
If you already tried this, you‘d better open e new topic.

I was also wrong two times… I have suposed that are the same Binding :frowning:
So sorry, I was thinking that Smarthome/J and FHannes are the same.