Tuya Binding?

I’m aware of the NJS scripts to control them or by flashing custom firmware. However Tuya has a line of In Wall switches and I’m hesitant to modify anything that is for inwall use.

Does anyone know of an binding for Tuya switches/dimmers or is aware of a way to control the dimmers?

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You’ll be fine with tuyapi, I’m not aware of any bindings.

I just stumbled across this Tuya Binding:

A quick test seems to show that it works fine. In fact, compared to tuya-mqtt, this saves me from having to go and find the localkey each time.

Thanks @J-N-K this is brilliant work! I was getting a bit worried about the future of tuya-mqtt. I’m going to try transitioning my things from tuya-mqtt to this binding.


Just to thank @J-N-K, wonderful work: clear instructions, binding immediately working. Very good

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