Tuya Binding?

I’m aware of the NJS scripts to control them or by flashing custom firmware. However Tuya has a line of In Wall switches and I’m hesitant to modify anything that is for inwall use.

Does anyone know of an binding for Tuya switches/dimmers or is aware of a way to control the dimmers?

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You’ll be fine with tuyapi, I’m not aware of any bindings.

I just stumbled across this Tuya Binding:

A quick test seems to show that it works fine. In fact, compared to tuya-mqtt, this saves me from having to go and find the localkey each time.

Thanks @J-N-K this is brilliant work! I was getting a bit worried about the future of tuya-mqtt. I’m going to try transitioning my things from tuya-mqtt to this binding.


Just to thank @J-N-K, wonderful work: clear instructions, binding immediately working. Very good

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Hi @J-N-K ,
I wonder why this binding is not shown in the 4.x branch on the community page?
Hm… checked that there is no such binding also in the codebase under bundles. Is there a reason for this?


You added https://download.smarthomej.org/addons.json to the Json 3rd party add on service ?

Yeah. I’ve read the README of the repo and figured everything out. Just wondered why there is this fork of the addons repo. Is it because the changes require too much time in the official repo?

Third party addons seem to have more freedom with regard to code reviews, code rules compared to the openhab included bindings…

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