Tuya device channels with mqtt-tuya

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I am trying to set up some Tuya RGB lights using the mqtt-tuya node script.
So far, I was able to get to a point where all lights were discovered, as mqtt:homeassistant devices.
All lights present the status correctly (online/offline) and all lights were discovered with a trigger channel that contains a list of topics that the light responds to.

I started by going to my mqtt-thing and defined channels for some of the lights functions. as an example, for dinning room light, I defined:

-an on/off channel
-a white_brightness channel

Then I created an equipment and points for the equipment that are associated to those channels.

The problem I am having is that, while the on/off channel worked out of the box (I created a point of type switch, and was able to instantly switch the light on and off) the white_brightness channel does not work. This is a channel of the type dimmer, and sliding the dimmer doesn’t do anything. I know this is not a problem with the lights, because I can publish messages to the color brightness topic with an external program, and that works.

What I do not understand is why is there a difference in behavior between these two channels. I read that mqtt channels should be handled with rules, but I don’t get why the on/off channel works without the need to define anything else, and the brightness channel does not.

If someone could point me to the right direction on how to get the white_brightness channel working, or how to understand the behavior, that would be great.
I would post the equipment and points configuration, but I created them through the UI, so I am not sure where to find the configs.


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