Tuya device is switching status online/offline

You can send a trace level log by PM.

You read my mind! I actually want the Kasa KL135 (1000lumens) but can’t seem to get them in Canada. I see now, Amazon.com has them for ~$12.50 on sale. I am trying the Costco ones as a test.

I have tried the Tapo ones with zero success. I could control ONLY the brightness. Nothing else so i returned those.

There’s often a delay between Kasa products showing up in the US and here (I’m also in Canada), and I’ve seen some that just never become available. For example, I can’t find the EP25 or KP125 energy-monitoring plugs, which is why I picked up some Tuyas.

The Globe is probably closer to a KL125 anyway, so you might just want to go in that direction and then upgrade later. Unless you can get a KL135 from the US.

With Tuya everything is possible. Some devices report “unvalid json” when they don’t understand a command, others just disconnect (which is probably what we see here). I have not seen devices that respond to a DP_QUERY with disconnects, but maybe some firmware versions on some devices do. I’m currently trying to figure out what might work. The problem here is that there are a ton of possible solutions and it’s not so easy to try them if you don’t have a faulty device.

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@Pavel @344clinton What is the brand and model of these devices? Maybe I can get them over here, too.

These are mine…

Globe Smart bulbs

Their business model is honestly quite brilliant. They were able to flood the market with devices that are perfectly fine for most consumers, without having to care too much about customer service or Amazon listings.

Heck, if we wanted we could produce a line of “Built for openHAB” Tuya devices. :wink:

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