Tuya keys and id Openhab

hey guys any ideas easy way how I get the key and id for Tuya so I can link to openhab

thanks Oliver

Have you done a search for “tuya”? There are a lot of tutorials for getting these devices to work, both with the OEM firmware and with flashed Tasmota firmware.

I have worked out how to get the keys and id which I got

but I’m on openhab 3.0 not sure how you put the id and key on there

I have try the Mqtt but it does not work

thanks Oliver

As far as I’m aware, MQTT is the only way to get Tuya devices to work.

There are Zigbee devices from Tuya as well.
But most of them are tricky because of their “dialect”. Some work with zigbee2mqtt, some with the zigbee binding, many don’t work at all.

Right, I assumed we were talking about ZWave.