Twitter binding in violation of twitter TOS

Hi all,

Can we please have the twitter binding disabled on all platforms immediately. Twitter is refusing to hand out API keys for Openhab so the only way we are going to educate Twitter is to remove their system from our system.

If you are part of Twitter and reading this, seriously your platform has been the hardest platform to get an API key for.

Twitter API’s are only for commercial use and Openhab is not a commercial system hence the need to pull the binding.

Thanks Tara.

I have sent a copy of this posting to Twitter so there is a paper trail. Looking forward to twitters response

Atleast twitter can now either look at my application for an API key or tell us they what their position is on the issue.

Update, Twitter has approved my API access.

I restated my case for API access and that is was to enable me to use the Twitter binding.

Hopefully my case will make it easier for people to get Twitter API access in future. If anyone from Twitter is on here and had any involvement then thank you.

I did remind twitter that my API access was for personal use only so I was not going to make commercial use of their data.

in respect of the OH community I should also disclose that I testified against Twitter and Facebook to the Australian ESafety Committee. The group I am part of are not backward in coming forward when it comes to telling social media giants how they have failed.

We know twitter has been gamed by bots and criminal elements, social media has been taken over by right winged extremist. This is not a fight for the OH community and I thought long and hard about making this disclosure. However you all deserve to know the back story.

I thank you for your continued support.

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