Two CCU2 with Openhab 2

Hi there,

I have an Openhab 2 running with one Homematic CCU2. It´s running as a YAHM installation and has some power and door sensors installed. Now I need more range to cover some temperature sensors running outside.

The cool thing is, I have a PI 3 and a CUL V3 lying arround.

But how could it be otherwise, things are not so easy :wink:

The easiest way to get more range is to install a gateway and connect it to the running CCU2. But I cannot find a way to setup my PI3/CUL combination as a gateway. YAHM only seems to support the PI3 module (HM-MOD-RPI-PCB), but YAHM is able to act as a gateway.

Homegear supports the CUL, but there is no option to configure it as a gateway.

So I installed homegear on my PI3 as a second CCU2 and connected it to my Openhab 2. Now there are two CCU2 present, both online.

The question is:
Homegear`s CUL receives all the packets from the sensors connected to the other CCU2. A lot of traffic from the power sensors etc.

If I connect the new temperature sensors to the CUL, is there a problem with all the traffic from the other sensors not related to the CUL?

Does anyone know a way to setup a PI3/CUL combination as a Homematic Gateway?

Are there other known problems running two homematic gateways in Openhab 2?

Thanks for your help,