Two channels receive the same trigger, how to avoid

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry
    • openHAB version: 3.0.0

I have a Sonoff RF Bridge 433 (flashed with Tasmota) down the cellar where I receive channel triggers from. Pressing a button on a 433 remote control triggers a rule to toggle the status of an item:

rule “Trigger from RFBridge for F1LO”
Channel “mqtt:topic:broker1:bri01:receivedtrigger” triggered “3228A2”
“toggle item”

Works fine. I recently installed a second RF bridge in the upper floor due to connectivity reasons, and expanded the rule with “bri02”:
rule “Trigger from any RFBridge for F1LO”
Channel “mqtt:topic:broker1:bri01:receivedtrigger” triggered “3228A2” or
Channel “mqtt:topic:broker1:bri02:receivedtrigger” triggered “3228A2”
“toggle item”

Also works fine, when only one of the bridges receives the signal. But when I’m somewhere on the ground floor, BOTH bridges receive the signal, and the action (“Toggle item”) will be performed twice turning the light on and off again.

Is there a way to determine if both bridges received the signal and only toggle once? or to freeze the status for 2 sec so the second toggle does not perform?

Thanks. Ralf.

Welcome to the openHAB forum :wave::wave::wave:

IMHO you can get the desired behaviour by using a proxy-item that is used a as lock.
Excute the toggeling only if this proxy-item is switched OFF, after toggeling switch the proxy-item to on and let the expire command switch it off again after 2 seconds.

super helpful. I wasn’t aware of the expire command. Works perfect.