Two devices need updates in the database

I have a Zwave device I had that is an unknown device when I tried upgradging to OH3 and a new device that is also an unknown device.

The old device is a HomeSeer WS200+ with firmware 5.9 it seems. At some point in 2.5, it worked when I included it. It seems related to the device firmware version if I understand the database file.

The other device is a new Honeywell in wall dimmer.

I’ve included the files from the zwave directory. The node57 is the WS200 and the node64 is the Honeywall dimmer.

I’m not sure where I need to report this to get the database updated.

network_ceb9ee25__node_57.xml (10.7 KB) network_ceb9ee25__node_64.xml (9.8 KB)

No problem, here’s the guide for updating and adding devices.

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Thanks for the link. I updated the database for those devices. I also updated my local JAR with the new/updated xml files and tested. They seem to work like they should.