Two-directional talk support in OpenHAB client


I need some way to make two-direction talk with one of my devices. It supports for this HTTP API and SIP. Problem is OpenHAB: I don’t understand how get support in web and mobile for this and don’t want to use other application for SIP client and switching between them in process. What options exists for such task? May be I need some Item?

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If I embed web-based SIP client implementation will it work on mobile devices?

@sipvoip, you set something like this up, or iirc you tried. Did you every get something working or an I remembering incorrectly and you were just doing announcements?

I was trying to build an intercom system in OpenHAB because I already have 21 tablets scattered about my house. I never made any real progress and ended up hiring a developer to write me a separate android app. That app is still a work in progress, but works as an intercom and also a sync for OpenHAB to play announcements.

Do you try custom widget for HABpanel with something like JsSip/SIPml5?

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I don’t use HABpanel, but I did play around with JsSIP, the problem was I could not get it to do anything other then point to point, and most intercom systems are point to multi point.

Do you try Freeswitch as SIP proxy?

I did actually, I again could not get it to broadcast to all 21 tablets at one time.

You did it only in browser? Do you tried to make it working in OpenHAB application?

Currently I implement it as SIP.js based softphone and embed into sitemap via Webview. In Firefox it works well, but in OpenHAB just nothing happened and it’s hard to get any debug info from it.

Right, noticed the same.

Bad news. And you don’t set up encryption (https, wss) too?

I will try to implement remote logging for js tomorrow. May be it gives some clues.

I’m wondering if this would work with the SIP based phone exchange that’s built into my AVM FritzBox FON. (I have the international 7490 model)

This supports :

1 incoming pstn line
10 X incoming SIP lines
ISDN support externally & internally

2 x traditional 2 wire Analogue internal lines
6 X DECT handsets (including a great door phone)
10 X SIP extensions, of which I’m currently using only 4.

Can anyone provide a working sample of a widget or html code for me to play with please?

(I’ll provide a full How-To if I get it working, I might even be tempted to get my head around a dedicated Asterisk SIP server to provide more extensions and functionality)


i just wanted to ask, if you get the setup ready? I am looking for an integration of a door phone into openhab.

thanks in advance


Thanks for the nudge.

I’d completely forgot that I’d considered doing this.

If I get a chance, I’ll try to get something working in a browser, then try it in a HabPanel widget.

Maybe this ??

I got so far, then it reported that Chrome for Android didn’t have the features required

This might be the reason I’m struggling.

For a web based SIP client to work, it must be using websockets, and as such, you can only use a web based sip client with a SIP service that supports websockets. OnSIP is one such service that also provides a web based SIP client. OnSIP also develops SIP.js, an open source Javascript library, GitHub repo,that can be used to build your own SIP client in the browser (it’s what we use to build our web client).

There is no such thing as a “web based SIP client” that you can just use with a plain old UDP/TCP SIP server.

I don’t think the FritxBox Fon supports websocket connections to its SIP server

It might be possible with a sipml5 client and an Asterisk SIP server, with WebRTC

Similar thread

Was just interested and saw a cross reference:

Does anyone know what is available of FreeSwitch regarding OpenHAB3.x?
There was allready a binding in 2.5 for that. Not sure if everything went into Cloud under another brand…

FYI, there is SIP support in MainUI now: oh-sipclient - SIP Client | openHAB