Two instances of OpenHAB?

I have an OpenHAB instance at home working on a PI since V1.7 (I’m in V2.3 now).
Just set up a new OpenHAB at work, for the moment controlling some lights (Sonoff T1) on a windows VM that is always running for other programs. With this we can control lights from our computer/smartphone when connected to our router.
I want to start adding new bindings to this, but I don’t want everybody to have access to the information that openHAB will have. I know there is no way of control sitemaps access.

The only solution I could think for this is setting a new openHAB instance for the new stuff and a MQTT connection to have the lights’ control in both sitemaps.
Is there a better solution? How did you guys solve this problem?



Two instances would be an overkill type of solution here (to introduce new challenges and problems).
Use some reverse proxy like NGINX (part of openHABian) to separate 2 sitemap URLs
Authentication is about to be introduced to the core soon as well…

i am using two OH one for my PC to run exec Commands, see status of the PC, USB devics at my room
one is my house sever… alwys on never reboots

i connect them by node red…

only thing to take care of is to have static IP
and making OH start at startup. i had no issues so far… good luck

Thank you for your replies.
I’m out of office this week so I cannot test anything for now.
I know that two instances is overkill, but this was the only solution I could think. I’m using windows on this machine so NGINX is not an option. I can play with firewalls and security policies by user or computer in the domain
Do you know how soon is “soon” for authentication? I could wait if I knew that somebody is working on this.


NGINX for Windows
I do not (yet) know how effective that is

I would not hold your breath, this likely to take a few releases.

Or Apache.

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