Two pi’s - one OpenHAB the other home assistant?

I’m trying an interesting experiment here, trying to link two pi’s to each other (pi 3+ with OpenHAB, pi zero with home assistant) so that I can have the best of both systems.

OpenHAB is leaps and bounds ahead with the insteon binding but does not have the ability to start rules based on Apple TV play state like Home Assistant…

I tried tonight to setup MQTT on both and failed miserably. Does anyone have any suggestions for this setup or guidance on MQTT within either system?

are you sure? why is that?

You tried to deploy the MQTT binding in OH2 and failed or you tried to integrate stuff between the 2 systems?

If there is an Apple TV binding for OpenHAB then I’ve missed it. I’d like to have event triggers for “play”, “pause”, and “stop” states from the Apple TV. It’s very easy with the home assistant media player setup.

I don’t think I ever got mqtt running. Do I need the “mqtt binding- version 1.12” or the “embedded mqtt broker- version 2.3” from the paper ui? I tried to install both tonight but neither seemed to work.

Honestly a little push in the right direction could be all I need.

There is no “native” ATV Binding available but I think that there are other solutions to get the ATV play state in a OH2 Item (and based on this info to trigger some rules).
Check: ATV4 - Apple TV Binding (seems that it can be done… I haven’t checked myself)

You need to install the binding and then configure it
Check: MQTT Binding (v1.11) Getting Started 101

Have you considered using KODI instead of the appleTV, it is far more configurable and if you have a spare PI look at the OSMC project which is as simple as writing an image to a SD card.
Kodi allows for push alerts, video overlays and will also report back to Openhab every little detail about what you are watching. You can tell if it is a movie or a TV show and the genre etc…

Kodi with a Logitech harmony, mythtv is what I use and it is very seamless and just works with no issues.

Check: ATV4 - Apple TV Binding 5 (seems that it can be done… I haven’t checked myself)

I just looked at that and it appears to be a command line adaptation of the Home Assistant apple tv plugin hacked to work with openhab - not really an ideal situation. Additionally I don’t want anything to control the Apple TV but actually for the Apple TV state to be pushed to and control the home automation. I’ve got this working very well in Home Assistant.
Additionally, I need both pi’s anyway since they control separate sets of GPIO relays in different rooms.

Check: MQTT Binding (v1.11) Getting Started 101

Yes! Thank you this looks like a great resource.

Have you considered using KODI instead of the appleTV

This is just not going to happen. In the end, Apple and Siri are in charge of my home automation system, openhab and my raspberry pis will just be backend. 100% of the TV watching in my house is done on Apple TV, we have no other media players.

You can get that directly in OH2 with the python client library (pyatv) (for which I see no connection to Home Assistant :slight_smile:)

Anyway: You can also work with MQTT to “integrate” the 2 systems. It will be a bit complex but you can achieve such interconnection.

Just want to follow up, the above instructions helped me get MQTT running properly - thank you!

(And for the record, the first link you sent about “pyatv” has a comment from the owner of that repository saying that he created it for Home Assistant… I guess it’s not technically a Home Assistant piece of software but was created to be used in HA.)

You can use automation in HA that uses the OH REST API to set the state of an item. Quick and easy.