Two "Time cron" entries in rule ... never fires

Can someone tell me why this rule does not work. If I separate the rule into two separate ones it fires off just fine, but when combining them as in the below … it never works:

//  Master Bedroom Light Off.
rule "Master Bedroom Light Off"
    Time cron "0 15 2 ? * SAT,SUN *" or
    Time cron "0 15 23 ? * MON,TUE,WED,THU,SUN *"
    logInfo("BEL-PGM", "Master Bedroom Light Off (Combo) rule fired! - Yippie!")


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Spent some time with this, too.
Finally found this:

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That explains a lot! Thank you!

Is this issue still valid? Is there a workaround for multiple “time cron” in OH2?
BR Andreas

The github ticket is still open:

So I suspect it is not yet fixed.


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Create two seperate rules, every fired by one cron and in them you set a switch, wich fires your original rule.

With Build #800 still not working.

FYI this bug was fixed with:
The fix is part of the latest openHAB snapshot builds and will be included in the next stable build.

If you are currently suffering from this bug, your options are (1) reduce your rule to one cron condition, (2) wait for the openHAB 2.1 stable release or (3) switch to the unstable branch and use the latest snapshot.

If you did one of the above and still encounter problems, they are probably unrelated to the bug discussed here. Please search the forum for similar cases or create a new thread.