Two variables as input value in Exec Binding

HI there

At the moment I’m working on a script which I use for writing data into my influx Databases. Therefore I set up a python scripts which is writing data into the DB based on the input values given by the exec binding. This setup works fine as long I’m only using the variable expression %2$s. But now I would like to add a second variable which is the item name of the input value.

First variable: input value of item with Regex: %2$s
Second variable: name of the item with Regex: ???

With the explenation given in the exec binding description I couldn’t evaluate the right expression for my exec command. Therefore I’m asking you is there any chance to send two variables with the exec commands or even is it possible to send a second constant value?
Thanks for your advices!


No, it accepts just one ‘variable’.
Yes, because you can use some external action to create one. Like rule that takes two values and puts them in a string, then commands the one exec input Item with it.

That’s just part of the “url” (command=) in your exec command Thing.

Thanks for this fast reply rossko,

I got your point, with an additional rule I can update the value with a new string. I already send a strings with semi coulmn seperated values to my python script.
So about the constand value you say, this could by added within the command… How does the expression then look like?

It’s right there in the user docs.

command=“any string you like with an embedded parameter %2$s if you wish”

command=“somescript fred,%2$s,mary”