Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Feature Discussion

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(Chris) #485

I have 5.7.20

(Mark) #486

@sportsfan986 I don’t know what to suggest. I suppose you could try updating your controller software, but that’s a complete guess on my part. Then again, it’s not like 5.7.20 is old (March 2018)…

Maybe someone else (@mgbowman?) has an idea of the cause of the problem?

(Håvard Berland) #487

I am on 5.6.29 - will try an upgrade

(Mr. Wiseman) #488

I have upgraded today from 5.7.x to 5.9.29 and everything still works fine with OH2.3 and the latest Unifi Binding.

I’m running the Unifi Controller on a Windows 2012 Server with 3 AP’s connected to it.

Best, Jay

(Stefan Höhn) #489

Actually the RPI is not as straightforward as one would think and I learned the hard way. You need to have at least the RPI 3 due to the requirement of having a 64-bit cpu for the installation. It has to do with mongo db which is initially required during the install and fails without the right cpu (even though mongo later on is actually not required and even removed). I heard that there are people who got it working with older RPIs but I didn’t.

The following page Installing Ubiquity Unify Controller on a Raspberry PI finally solved my problem and saved me hours. Since then it works flawlessly.


(Raymond) #490

I have an issue where android devices change their mac address after every reboot… any way to track them?
And is there a final release of this binding ?

(Angelos) #491

what? how? :slight_smile:
this is not normal :stuck_out_tongue:

No, the latest can be found here: https://jenkins.otr.mx/job/openhab2-unifi-binding-v2/lastStableBuild/

It’s very stable and reliable. I have been using it for months/years

(Raymond) #492

Check the android forums… Even some Samsung models do it…

What would work is 802.1x identity… but that is probably not in the binding :slight_smile:

(Angelos) #493

flash everything with custom f/w from xda :stuck_out_tongue:

(Raymond) #494

Not an option… and the binding requires a MAC address :frowning:

(Raymond) #495

What would help is listing online devices as a list of things …

(Angelos) #496

you have faulty phones. fix them.
it’s not normal to have the MAC changing all the time.
and don’t expect a developer to enhance the binding (to add 802.1x support and/or extra listings) for only 1 user who is experiencing device faults :wink:

(Pali) #497

MAC address change might not be caused by faulty device, but related to data privacy as MAC address can be used to track the user (this what unifi binding try to do as well :blush:).

Edit… https://source.android.com/devices/tech/connect/wifi-mac-randomization

(Angelos) #498

most of the threads online discussing this (real) issue result to the user sending the unit back to RMA (cause it’s faulty mainly due to firmware problems)

if this was related to data privacy, the user could willingly disable such feature

(Raymond) #499

It’s not device faults… Or atleast… Nothing I can fix. It’s 100.000 or more android only phones that do the same thing. But I am more than happy to adapt the code to work for me :slight_smile:

If I’m allowed to.

(Angelos) #500

the project is on github
I think that the owner would be happy to see contributions

(Rory Donnelly) #501

That link says “A different randomized MAC address is used per SSID”, so surely the MAC address would always be the same on your SSID, unless you changed your SSID…

(Angelos) #502

a bit further down, it writes:

Verify that forgetting a network and re-associating to the same SSID generates a new random MAC address.

so it seems that it will generate a different MAC even when connecting to the same SSID.
It’s not clear to me if you don’t forget the network and reconnect what will happen :slight_smile:
btw, we are going way off-topic now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this feature is disabled by default and the developer must provide for a user option.

(Raymond) #503

As this would be my first OH project I dive into and really want this … Who can help me compiling the project ?

(Angelos) #504

the best way forward would be to

  1. Read https://www.openhab.org/docs/developer/contributing/contributing.html
  2. Fork https://github.com/mgbowman/openhab2-addons/tree/unifi-binding-v2/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.unifi
  3. Get in contact with the original author @mgbowman for additional help
  4. Check the history also on: https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/3387