Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Feature Discussion

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(Angelos) #686

Party TIME !!!
Bravo Matthew! You Rock! :+1:

Keep Calm

(Rory Donnelly) #687
@roryd Could you share the certificate with us (maybe a private message to me or @mgbowman)

I’ll resurrect the cloud key tonight and get the cert off it. I had already done a factory reset on the key, but the cert remained the same. For reference, this was a Gen1 Cloud Key.

(Matthew) #688

I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue as @hakan - there’s no CN (common name) attribute. No big deal for now as me and @martinvw have come up with a better implementation that will work around this in 2.5.

(Igor) #689

Installed today, running last 4 hours without errors.
Operating system: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Java: Zulu Embedded (build 1.8.0_152-b76)
openHAB2: 2.4.0 Snapshot Build #1454
Unifi Ctrl: v 5.9.29


PS: RSSI units? I am getting 16 in OH and 22% (-82 dBm) in Unifi Controoller. :disappointed_relieved:

(Matthew) #690

This is expected. The plan is to fix this in the next release once we figure out exactly how the controller is computing the dBm.

(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #691

See the comment on the pull request for some background information:

(Håvard Berland) #692

Upgraded to build 86 and OpenHAB 2.4 M8 today, and the SSL handshake failure which has bitten me for some months is now gone. Thanks!

(Angelos) #693

The binding works perfectly! :slight_smile:
next part is <offtopic> :stuck_out_tongue:

an alternative to this, is this:

Number		Angelos_S8_UPTM	"Angelos S8 Uptime [JS(duration_from_seconds.js):%s]"	<time>		(gUnifi)	{channel="unifi:wirelessClient:Unifi_HomeR:Angelos_S

/etc/openhab2/transform/duration_from_seconds.js (thanx to @Mihai_Badea from here)

// computes nicely formatted duration from given seconds
	var date = new Date(null);
	date.setSeconds(parseInt(i)); // specify value for SECONDS here
	return date.toISOString().substr(11, 8);

I don’t know which is more “expensive”… the JS xform or the rule calculations… I would go with JS being better/lighter. No need for a second dummy Item and the state of the original Item keeps the seconds as value. The xform is done only for display purposes.

(Matthew) #694


I’ve already implemented the UoM support locally, but as I said in my previous post, it does “banker’s rounding” and when converting to a whole decimal %d.

I wonder if we can combine a JS xform with a UoM conversion…

Using uptime = 3661 try to go from:

Number:Time uptimeSeconds "Uptime [%d s]"     => 3661 (1 hour + 1 minute + 1 second)
Number:Time uptimeMinutes "Uptime [%d min]"   => 61   (1 hour + 1 minute)
Number:Time uptimeHours   "Uptime [%d h]"     => 1

would become

Number:Time uptimeSeconds "Uptime [JS(round_and_mod_s.js):%d s]"       => 1
Number:Time uptimeMinutes "Uptime [JS(round_and_mod_min.js):%d min]"   => 1
Number:Time uptimeHours   "Uptime [JS(round_and_mod_h.js):%d h]"       => 1

Then if there was some sort of Concat (String) type where we could have something like

Concat uptimeFormat "Uptime [%s h, %s min, %s s]"  { channel="uptimeHours,uptimeMinutes,uptimeSeconds" }

Just thinking out loud here.

(Sid Amos) #695

Thanks for all the work and the update to version 2.4.0.

I deleted old items and things, stopped openHAB (2.4.0), deleted the old 2.3.0-20181110 jar from addons, started openHAB and installed unifi 2.4.0. But then I also had to delete cache and tmp, otherwise 2.4.0 of the binding could not be activated, because it still found traces of 2.3.0.

(trac starr) #696

Fresh install got this working for me last night. However, the one issue I have is that the channel online returns a dash (-) only. All other properties return correct values for my device, i just don’t have the easy access to it being online or not.

(Mr. Wiseman) #697

I updated today to the latest version. I’m running OH 2.3.001 on a Synology and Unifi mgmt. console is running on a Windows 2012 Server.

So far NO issues . . .

Thanks again!

Best, Jay

(Mr. Wiseman) #698

Free Cloud Unifi Inferface

Has anybody gotten the cloud interface to work with the latest binding?

I’m not sure how to implement the bridge when there is a captcha window prompt? Maybe it’s not possible?


Best, Jay

(Mr. Wiseman) #699

Can anybody see what I’m doing wrong below? I’m running OH 2.3 on a Synology. I’m running Unifi Controller 5.9.29 on Windows Servers at both locations.

The 1st bridge works perfectly and has for many weeks now; I added the 2nd bridge this morning and it does not.

The 1st bridge connects locally; 2nd bridge connects over the Internet to another location.

I looked at the firewall logs where the 2nd bridge connects and there is NO traffic coming from OH at all to it.

I can get to the 2nd controller location via a browser w/o any issues and I see the traffic on the firewall also hitting port 8443.

Bridge unifi:controller:home "UniFi Home Controller" [ host="", port=8443, username="ubnt", password="password", refresh=10 ] {
	Thing wirelessClient TriciaiPhoneUnifi 				"Tricias iPhone XR"			[ cid="e4:b2:fb:d6:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient JayAndriodUnifi 				"Jays Note9"				[ cid="44:91:60:c1:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient ParkeriPhoneUnifi 				"Parkers iPhone XR"			[ cid="f8:2d:7c:22:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient RyaniPhoneUnifi 				"Ryans iPhone XR"			[ cid="fc:18:3c:6c:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient MainFloorControlUnifi 			"Main Floor Tablet"			[ cid="68:5a:cf:4c:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient UpStairsControlUnifi 			"Up Stairs Tablet"			[ cid="68:5a:cf:22:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient BasementControlUnifi 			"Basement Tablet"			[ cid="68:5a:cf:22:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]

Bridge unifi:controller:work "UniFi Work Controller" [ host="x.x.x.x", port=8443, username="ubnt", password="password", refresh=10 ] {
	Thing wirelessClient PamiPhoneUnifiRIS 				"Pams iPhone"				[ cid="48:d7:05:6e:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient JayAndriodUnifiRIS 			"Jays Note9"				[ cid="44:91:60:c1:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]
	Thing wirelessClient JayEchoDotUnifiRIS 			"Jays Echo Dot"				[ cid="fc:65:de:16:XX:XX", site="default", considerHome=60 ]

The same MAC address exists in the both bridges (not sure if that matters?)

JayAndriodUnifi & JayAndriodUnifiRIS = same MAC but 2 different bridges

Best, Jay

(Han) #700


have you tried only with the 2nd controller, the remote one? I think it is possible that the binding only supports one controller. If the remote works when its the only one you have your answer.



(Mr. Wiseman) #701

Next time I cycle OH; I will change the order of the bridges and let folks know the result. I suspect you are right; the binding ONLY handles 1 bridge. I was even thinking it may be a port thing being the same on the bridges?

Best, Jay

(J Wee) #702

Apologies, but where can I download the latest jar for the unifi binding for my 2.3 openhab?

(Hakan Tandogan) #703

Hi Matthew,

So, are you already working in the wired client support? I want to be able to detect my laptop on the docking station :smile:

(Mr. Wiseman) #704

I got mine from the daily OH builds.


Best, Jay

(Matthew) #705

I’m on a ski holiday and will only be back end of next week. I’ve still got a lot to do on my house after I get back so I don’t know how much time I’ll have to work on the binding but I’ll do my best.