Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Feature Discussion

No its not possible to accumulate the port commands. Technically it would be possible because the update of the ports sends all data on all ports. An option could be to enhance the binding. An option could be to add a configuration option to the port thing to not send the commands directly but queue them first (property would be something like queueCommands=true. The PoE thing handler will than also get a command channel (something like sendCommands) that sends all commands on the queue in one call. If you also want to also send individual command directly you can create 2 things, one which triggers on queue, and one thing that works directly. (it probably also needs to have to time-to-life for the queue, to not clog the queue). Would something like that work. Best is if you can create an issue on openHAB addons GitHub to discuss details.

Hi Guys,
I have a question about the logging above.
The ip, hostname and alias for each client are listed here. So it’s available!
Can’t that be published as a channel for each client?
The background to the question is following.
I would like to create a list of all my clients by a list of all my internal IP addresses ( ff)
if an host or alias name is then returned, I can display this client via the visibility parameter in my sitemap.
Or is there a simpler solution for this?
Regards BitBroker

Not sure what you want to do. For clients ipAddress is a channel on the client thing. But you need to create a thing for each client to use this.

It’s so simple :wink:
I have a guest account in my Wifi home and I have an IP range of 20 addresses configured for this.
I don’t know the MAC address by name of my wireless clients.
So I create 20 things for the 20 IP addresses, that’s clear!
But then of course I would like to get the name or alias of this corresponding IP address and that is currently not possible. For this, the binding for the corresponding things would have to supply these channels …
Therefore the question whether the binding offers possibilities for this or whether this can possibly be extended to the binding?

I’ve updated the UniFi binding in the marketplace with added channels name and hostname to the client things. If you have created the things in the ui, you need to recreate the things to get the new channels.

That sounds great.
I will try it

I can’t install :frowning:
I got the following openhab.log warning
“Reinstalling missing marketplace bundle: marketplace:131156”
and when I want to install
“Installation of add-on marketplace:131156 failed”

Stop, new Info! I got the error, but the binding is installed and run well.
I don’t know why ??
And when I will add a thing, I see always two same thing type ?!?

Do you still have the official binding installed? And what version of openHAB do you run? It looks like uninstalling didn’t work go well, and it still has a version running. If you still see this issue, you could try restarting openHAB (although I would think that should not be needed).

It’s a little bit stupid.
When I’m looking the installed binding, no Unifi binging is installed
BUT all my Unifi Things are running well with the new Channels of your latest version …
I dont’t understood but it seems, the new binding is installed but not listend in the binding list.
I restart OpenHAB more than one and I clear the cache.
Don’t know what’s my fault is.
Have I to do a special way to uninstall the binding, delete the addon folder, add your *.jar file and to install the new one?
When I look with the consol command bundle:list I see
154 │ Active │ 80 │ │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: UniFi Binding

If you put a binding manually in the addons directory it won’t show up in the bindings list. But should show up when you go to things, click the plus to add a new thing. But you should be able to install the binding via the openHAB marketplace instead of putting the binding in the addons directory.