UDP Items and how to use it

How do i send these type of commands via openhab?

i am a total noob, i tried it like this, but nothing happend

Switch Luefter “Light” (Lueftung) { udp=">[ON: 0x6F 0x62 0x69 0x6C 0x65 0x03 0x0D 0x0A]" }

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!

You’ll need to install the TCP/UDP binding.
As that is a version 1 binding, you’ll need to enable the 1.x compatibility feature

As it says in the docs, you will need to configure the binding.with file /services/udp.cfg

After that, you’d be able to configure an Item with {udp="> ... "}

Your payload, the third parameter, needs to be a string, so you’d be looking to encode those hex bytes into a string.

If you’re going to want to send other commands, like OFF perhaps, it’s probably easiest to use * to accept any command and implement a MAP or JS transform to assemble the string.

There’s an example of UDP with MAP encoding hex here

i think the biggest point that i am missing is… how to write thinks like this
0x6D 0x6F …
is this just “/u006D/u006F …” ?

That’s what the person in the other thread did. Be careful which way your slashes lean.