UI difference for Dimmer (Leviton VRI06-1LZ)

I just installed a Leviton VRI06-1LZ.

Dimmer  Living_Room_Light   "Living Room Recessed [%d %%]"    <slider>    (gMain)   {zwave="10:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL"}

How can I get the Linux browser (Firefox in my case) UI for that item to be similar to what I see on my iPad. The browser UI, with just the up and down arrow icons does not let me set anything but 0% or 100%, where as the iPad slider lets me select any level. Here is an image of both interfaces. I could set the light at 36% on my iPad and it shows as such in the browser, but as I stated above I can only get 0 or 100 using the browser.

It looks like you cannot. It appears that the web UI renders a Silder the same way it renders a Setpoint.

To address your problem, are you using the switchSupport property on the slider in your sitemap? If yes that makes a single click on the up and down arrows act like a switch (i.e. jump to 100% for up and 0% for down). To change incrementally you have to click and hold until you get to the number you want (if I am interpreting the wiki correctly, I actually can’t get it to work at all on my sitemap right now).

The Setpoint instead of Slider with the minValue, maxValue, and step properties set should give you a more consistent experience across platforms, though the nice slider bar will go away in your iOS app.

No I’m not using the switchSupport property in my sitemap. That does bring up another question. I’m using just the group name in the sitemap to bring up the items you see on both pages. I’m guessing that my only option is to not do that, use just a group to get all items on a sitemap, and enter them individually as items in the sitemap. Is that the only way to introduce something like switchSupport. I haven’t seen a way that those kind of properties can be introduced in the .items file, is that correct?

BTW, I will most likely leave it the way it is since the computer running openhab is in the basement and the iPad is the primary device controlling things, and the slider is way cooler.

You are correct, you cannot introduce our override the default behavior of how an item always on the sitemap when you use groups on the sitemap.

In my experience most people use a combination of groups and listing individual items where they need more control over order, appearance, or to override the default behavior on their sitemaps. Personally I have almost no groups on my sitemap but I’m a bit of a control freak in that regard. Also, my sitemap is pretty small and mostly used for debugging.