UI item states not always refreshed

I’ve just finished my first OpenHAB installation and am currently configuring my devices. Now I noticed that the UI does sometimes not refresh the values.

For example i have an item for the current and the target temperature. A rule then decides if it’s time to switch on the heating. If I change the target temperature the first and the second time the switch refreshes immediateley, but after the switch oftens stays at the last setting. Then I have to reload the whole website to refresh state of the switch.

I didn’t find any errors regarding this in the log. What could cause this problem and how can I solve it?

There is a problem with the underlying Athmosphere library that OH 1 uses. To solve it you have to wait for or move to OH 2 where that library has been replaced with one that works better.

Thanks for the quick answer. So there is no hope that this will be fixed in OH 1 or will it just take some time?

The core of OH1 is frozen and the fix touches a lot of code. So it is not going to be fixed of OH1.

Ok thanks for the info. I think I will wait for the final release of OT 2. I can live with the refesh issue until then.

Hi @rlkoshak, UIs can auto refesh. But I have a problem when I use Serial binding, UIs cannot auto refesh. Could you help me?

Never used the serial binding. I recommend filing an issue on github.