UI longpress Button for security reasons

I have some buttons that open garagedoors or other doors. it might happen that one accidentally pushes a door opener button when swiping through the UI. is it possible to implement some kind of “longpress” button that only triggers when the button is pressed for eg 3 seconds?
if not, what are your recommendations to secure critical buttons or switches?

I know of no way to have long or short presses in MainUI. You might be able to set up a pop-over with an “are you sure?” button. I haven’t messed with pop-overs yet though but there are lots of examples on the Marketplace.

A pop-over or popup, as Rich suggests is one very easy solution. Another would be to have a secondary switch which controls the visibility or enabled status of the button which controls the actual action. With that setup intentional triggering of the button requires first sliding the switch and then pressing the button.

thanks for the hint with the popup, I now use Yannicks Keypad to secure my door. very cool!!