UI not refreshing

I have seen lots of threads relating to the uI not refreshing on state changes, item changes or user interactions.

My latest issue is that I have a Switch widget on sitemap that maps 3 values , a proxy item and a rule to manage the proxy item / widget to send ON or OFF to a Switch item. I also have a Text widget that is only visible if aforementioned switch is ON.

When I change the switch value (ON,OFF,AUTO) the Text widget should occult if the switch widget is not ON. It works, but I have to press F5 on a laptop browser or pull-down to refresh the OpenHAB Android app.

So why is OH not sending updates to refresh the UI on these platforms?

The OH docs refer to “Dynamic sitemaps” … but they do not work as expected.

Come on, you know enough to post the sitemap sample, specify the UIs, and the browser.

The various UIs I think all have their own refresh quirks, and it varies by browser in use.


i presumed , that given it works when refreshing manually, and that the issue can be reproduced across platforms, them it’s highly unlikely to be related to my items, sitemap or rules. I’m on a mobile at the moment, which is when I’m naughty and don’t post my setup/config because it’s a PITA .
Line i said though, it’s surely a refreshing issue , it’s ok in HAB panel, short delay of maybe 2seconds, but in sitemap and browsers, no refresh until i do it manually.

You’ll have to wait till I’m home later for the exciting stuff then.