UI Page - Can You Remove Margin?

I have been using this full screen to act like a ‘photo frame’. There may be a better way but this one seems to work for me. This is for a specific screen resolution 1920x1080

  layoutType: fixed
  screenWidth: 1920
  screenHeight: 1080
  scale: false
  hideNavbar: true
  hideSidebarIcon: true
  showFullscreenIcon: false
  colNum: 1
  margin: 0
  label: Main Photo Page
  sidebar: true
blocks: []
masonry: null
  - component: oh-grid-item
      x: 0
      y: 0
      h: 1
      w: 1
        - component: widget:widget_photoframe
canvas: null

I believe that you have to resort to css to get rid of that border on the fixed layout pages. Add a stylesheet parameter like this to the page config:

  layoutType: fixed
  fixedType: canvas
  label: Wall Mount
  sidebar: true
  stylesheet: |
    .oh-canvas-layout-container div img {
      visibility: hidden;

maybe this helps