UI: see values before adding as item?

Hi there,

I have a lot of devices in my Paper UI Inbox but no idea if those are actually my sensors.
Is there a way I can check the data of these items before actually creating an Item for every value and displaying it in the UI? If it’s not one of my sensors I don’t want to add it.

Thank you,

These things are devices discovered by the bindings you installed and within reach of your network.

So it is highliy unlikely these things are something else than your sensors.

I know that those are not my devices, the range of my 433/868mhz sensors is quite high and many of them are discovered by the rfxtrx - but anyway, my question is how to see the data before creating an item.

As far as i know, you can’t see the values before adding the things from the Inbox.

You may make your life easier if you enable simple link. Then the items will be created automatically in the jsondb and you may review them with PaperUI.

Thanks! I will enable simple link and do it like that.

hmmm - but the item name is not editable if automatically generated, right?
now I’ve got names like: “HG-HM-CC-TC:17b78d3e:HEQ0133009” in my influxDB which are difficult to handle

You are not able to identify your Homematic devices? You can’t see other ones than those which are connected to your bridge. The Homematic devices are easily identifiable. Just look at your bridge (CCU, Homegear or whatever).

What kind of devices do you need to identify?

It’s no problem to identify them, but it’s a mess to handle the cryptic IDs in different components such as postgres, influx, etc as you need a mapping everywhere. Would be easier with a readable name.

When you name them in your bridge properly, the name is transported to openHAB as well.

Thanks I’ll try that for homegear - but it won’t work with the RFXTRX etc