UI system requirements

I want to use wall mounted android tablets as UIs in different rooms. I was hoping to do it inexpensively and use cheap tablets, like the cheap 6"-7" one you find at Walmart, Best Buy, ect for $40-$50. Can I do that if ALL I’m running is the UI (and maybe an launcher program to negate launch from the tablet’s home screen). Is this feasible or would it cause problems (running slow, communication issues, ect)?
Thank you

It should work fine. The UI is pretty light weight and the communication is standard web stuff I believe.

I agree to Rich saying that it should work nicely. What you need to think about is screensaving and always on options and that stuff. I plan to build something similar but choose to run it with linux in kiosk mode.

You can also get android apps that will switch on the screen based on movement sensed by the camera and then also switch off the screen if no movement is sensed for a while…