UI Widget to show the last 6 Camera Snapshots from all my cameras. Alarm overview

Hi there,
can you point to some exisiting solutions which I can combine to get an alarm overview snapshot page?

I have 5 Dahua security cameras running on my Synology NAS in the Surveillance Station. I am able to access these cameras via the IP Camera binding.

Now I want to create an UI page which shows me the for example the last 6 snapshots (newest one first). With snapshot I mean a static image which is taken when an motion event of the camera took place.

When I have suceeded with this I would like to add the following feature:
If I click on a snapshot the live video from the camera should start.

How can I do something like this?

If you have easy access to the urls of the photos, then photos action of any widget (e.g., button) will be the easiest place to start.

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Thats a pretty cool feature that I did not know of. But I don’t have the snapshot images yet. They need to be saved or the image url needs to be called if a motion event takes place.


String                  Kamera_Garten_BildUrl                  "Bild URL Kamera Garten"                    <camera>        (Kamera_Garten)          ["Point"]     {channel="ipcamera:dahua:garten:imageUrl"}
Switch                  Kamera_Garten_AlarmBewegung            "Alarm Bewegung Kamera Garten"              <alarm>         (Kamera_Garten)          ["Point"]     {channel="ipcamera:dahua:garten:motionAlarm"}

String                  Kamera_Hauseingang_BildUrl             "Bild URL Kamera Hauseingang"               <camera>        (Kamera_Hauseingang)     ["Point"]     {channel="ipcamera:dahua:hauseingang:imageUrl"}
Switch                  Kamera_Hauseingang_AlarmBewegung       "Alarm Bewegung Kamera Hauseingang"         <alarm>         (Kamera_Hauseingang)     ["Point"]     {channel="ipcamera:dahua:hauseingang:motionAlarm"}

Somehow this images need to be save in a rotating storage always when a Kamera_Hauseingang_AlarmBewegung is called.

The photos action works with urls. If your _BildUrl items have the text of the image url then you don’t have to save anything, you just use the state of those items:

    - url: =items.Kamera_Garten_BildUrl.state
      caption: Garten
    - url: =items.Kamera_Hauseingang_BildUrl.state
      caption: Hauseingang

okay I got this. But the =tems.Kamera_Garten_BildUrl.state shows an image of the time when I call the link. I would like to show the 6 moments when there have been motionAlarms on any of my cameras.

I don’t use the Surveillance Station, so I can’t really help much with that. I’m sure there are some helpful posts around here for working with getting the Surveillance Station images into OH, but I don’t know the details.

This could also be a starting point.