UK Lighting solution

Hi guys
Has anyone got a solution for lighting that works with UK NON NEUTRAL ?
Im assuming it will have to be some sort of RF solution.


Following with interest. Best solution I can find so far is a 3D printed holder for a Philips Hue Dimmer that screws onto a light switch box.

I use a selection of mostly fibaro zwave dimmer modules set up either as dimmers or with standard switches behind the switch plates. Pretty much everything i have is LED so some bypasses are needed in the ceiling roses to allow the modules to function.

There are several brands that allow for this. Ive stuck with fibaro mostly because they have been reliable for me, they give instant status update and because they allow use of association groups - these are great if you want to chain the main light switch to lamps on zwave plugs as it allows instant switching without delays going to the controller and because they work when the controller is off.

You seem to need to use the 2.3 zwave snapshot if you want to change the parameters - you need to do this to use bistable switches.

I am aware some people have put the modules themselves in the ceiling rose as this gives access to the neutral (some of the qubino modules are tiny)

I’ve got around 15 lightwaverf switches with good results.