Unable to access Razberry2 port


I just installed a fresh Raspberry PI3B with openHab2 and try to bind the Razberry2
In HABmin I did add the controler but what ever I do I get the error: Serial Error: Port /dev/ttyAMA0 does not exist

/dev/ttyAMA0 does exist

autofs loop6 ram3 tty17 tty43 uinput
block loop7 ram4 tty18 tty44 urandom
bsg loop-control ram5 tty19 tty45 usb
btrfs-control mapper ram6 tty2 tty46 vc-cma
bus mem ram7 tty20 tty47 vchiq
cachefiles memory_bandwidth ram8 tty21 tty48 vcio
char mmcblk0 ram9 tty22 tty49 vc-mem
console mmcblk0p1 random tty23 tty5 vcs
cpu_dma_latency mmcblk0p2 raw tty24 tty50 vcs1
cuse mmcblk0p5 rfkill tty25 tty51 vcs2
disk mmcblk0p6 sda tty26 tty52 vcs3
fb0 mmcblk0p7 sda1 tty27 tty53 vcs4
fd mqueue serial1 tty28 tty54 vcs5
full net sg0 tty29 tty55 vcs6
fuse network_latency shm tty3 tty56 vcs7
gpiomem network_throughput snd tty30 tty57 vcsa
hidraw0 null stderr tty31 tty58 vcsa1
hidraw1 ppp stdin tty32 tty59 vcsa2
hwrng ptmx stdout tty33 tty6 vcsa3
initctl pts tty tty34 tty60 vcsa4
input ram0 tty0 tty35 tty61 vcsa5
kmsg ram1 tty1 tty36 tty62 vcsa6
log ram10 tty10 tty37 tty63 vcsa7
loop0 ram11 tty11 tty38 tty7 vcsm
loop1 ram12 tty12 tty39 tty8 vhci
loop2 ram13 tty13 tty4 tty9 watchdog
loop3 ram14 tty14 tty40 ttyAMA0 watchdog0
loop4 ram15 tty15 tty41 ttyprintk xconsole
loop5 ram2 tty16 tty42 uhid zero

ls -l ttyAMA0
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 204, 64 Feb 16 21:01 ttyAMA0

cat ttyAMA0 is empty

Users pi and openhab are in both groups tty and dialout

-Dgnu.io.rxtx.SerialPorts=/dev/ttyAMA0 was set in setenv and init.d/openhab2

Bluetooth is deactivated

Need you input as i’m out of ideas here…