Unable to add zigbee devices to openHAB


i’m trying to use openHAB for adding, controlling and deletion of a ZigBee device for home automation

The process i have followed Download openHAB | openHAB option 2: Install the APT Packages, to install the openHAB.
The platform used is linux
The hardware used is Allwinner64
The Zigbee module is MGM21

I have installed the openHAB successfully and and with the help of Adding Things - Simple | openHAB document i’m trying to add the zigbee devices through zigbee binding using Ember EM35x Coordinator. I have tried adding zigbee door sensor, in events.log i have observed that its in a unknown state and even i’m unable to control and delete the device.
I tried to solve this issue, found some solutions like through inbox the device gets scanned, but i’m unable to do that. could you please help me to fix this issue.